Sea Diamond

Tue, 05/26/2009 - 17:00

Works for the exhaustion of 25-5-2009

SUBJECT: Daily evaluation of work for the removal of oil products from the wreck of the K/Z "Sea Diamond" NP 1184
We inform you that today, 05/25/2009, Monday, the following work was carried out: The general underwater investigation of the wreck continued with a thorough inspection of the starboard side of the wreck and with an inspection of the stern. Upon completion of the investigation work, it was proposed to repeat the video recording of the large crack detected on the left side of the wreck during yesterday's investigation, which according to DRONIK had not been detected in any of the previous underwater surveys.

Today the work of the general underwater investigation, which lasted a total of 2 days, was completed. They observed: 1.      Lots of new findings (cracks, deformations on the outer surface). 2.      The investigation covered areas not examined in previous investigations (lower decks, bottom). 3.      It was deemed necessary to re-examine areas where there are possible depletion points that were originally predicted as well as areas where an increase in hydrocarbon concentration was observed by the detector (black light).  4.      Thorough investigation to find places with obvious oil leakage. 5.      The large deformations and the presence of debris near the outer surface on the starboard side of the ship made the filming task difficult. 6.      It was deemed necessary to take many close-ups. Many of these shots were taken from the rim of cracks and broken windows with a shot towards the interior of the wreck.   Operations continue as normal.