Sea Diamond

Fri, 04/05/2013 - 17:31


After various publications regarding the situation with the Sea Diamond wreck and since the case is ongoing, we would like to note the following:

  1. Regarding the floating barrier, the equipment and the means available to the company carrying out the decontamination work, in order to deal with the marine pollution from the wreck, in accordance with the current legislation, the responsibility lies with the HNA/DPTHP and other services of HYNA. It is noted that the diameter of the floating anti-pollution barrier that has been placed above the wreck is approximately 130 to 140 meters and in no case does it reach 500 meters
  2. As users of the telemetry station installed to detect oil pollution on the sea surface of the sinking area of the Sea Diamond wreck, we inform you that it has been tested and certified by the Research University Institute of Communication Systems & of Computers / National Technical University of Athens (EPSEY/NTU). This was recently installed in collaboration with a private maritime services company of the island and concerns an innovative integrated system, in terms of detecting oil products, called "Optiras Oil Spill Detection System", and since March 4, our Agency has access to the system and 24/7 live data from the surveillance area. It is noted that in case of detection of a significant surface of petroleum products, an automated message (alert) is sent to accredited users.
  3. The anti-pollution vessel "AKTAIA" of the company Technical Protection of the Environment S.A. has left the port of Vlychada, Santorini, about a year ago and is no longer on the island.
  4. Our position remains the recovery or, in other words, a definitive and effective treatment of the wreck, as the current legislation stipulates, and we ask the State to assist in this direction.

The President of Municipal Port Fund of Thira