Sea Diamond

Wed, 02/17/2016 - 17:33

Sea Diamond Press Release 2-17-2016

Competition Coordination Committee

Beast Citizens for the Lift

of K/Z Sea Diamond

Fira Santorini

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Santorini, February 17, 2016



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Subject: Meeting at the Ministry of Merchant Shipping about the wreck of the Sea Diamond


A working meeting was held on the subject of the Sea Diamond wreck, on Wednesday 17/2/2016 at the Ministry of Commercial Shipping with the participation of the Minister of Shipping Mr. Dritsa Theodoros, the Senior Minister of the Environment Mr. Tsironis Ioannis, the Secretary General Shipping Mr. Theotokas Ioannis, Cyclades MP of SYRIZA Mr. Sirmaleniou Nikolaos, head of the Legal Council of the State, representatives of the Ministries of Environment and Shipping, the Mayor of Thira, the president of the Port Fund of Thira and a representative of the Coordinating Committee of the Thira Citizens' Struggle for the raising of the Sea Diamond. The meeting was organized by the joint initiative of the General Secretary Mr. Theotokas and the president of the LT Thira Mr. Pelekis.


For the first time, after almost 9 years since the sinking of the K/Z Sea Diamond, the organizations of Santorini managed to meet and talk at the same time, at the same table, both with the Minister. of Shipping as well as the Minister Environment on the subject of the shipwreck. The discussion took place in a very good atmosphere and the two Ministers, as well as all the participants in the meeting, agreed that there is the political will for proper management, treatment and recovery of the Sea Diamond wreck and this will form the basis for cooperation and coordination of all of the agencies involved. After a proposal by the Minister Environment Mr. Tsironis, it was agreed to set up a single Agency for the raising of the Sea Diamond with participants from all relevant agencies, such as the Ministries of Shipping and Environment, the Municipality of Thira and the Port Fund of Thira. This body, with an appropriate form that will soon be decided, will have the ability to initiate the procedures more quickly, make decisions and deal with the problems that exist in the matter of raising the Sea Diamond, thus significantly assisting the work of LT Thiras which has manifested its inability to deal with this huge environmental problem alone.


The members of the Coordinating Committee of the Citizens' Animal Race welcome the state's willingness to take the Sea Diamond wreckage into its own hands. The people of Thira together, vindicated by the court decisions to date, continue to vigorously claim the removal and removal of the polluting and toxic wreck from the sea that nourishes and embraces us. We will not stop claiming and fighting for what belongs to us. We will do everything in our power to rid the most popular caldera of the polluting wreck that some treacherous people left us as a thank you for our help in rescuing the passengers and crew of the Sea Diamond.


The time has come for everyone to take responsibility, especially those who created the problem. The citizens of Thira do not forget and we do not give up!



After price,

Coordinating Committee of the Beast Citizens Fight

for the Lifting of K/Z Sea Diamond